GPQTNT 402230en- english release
GPQTNT 402230de- german release
GPQTNT 402230es- spanish release
GPQTNT 402230fr- french release
GPQTNT 402230it- italian release
GPR_1. production version (English, Spanish)
GPR_1. added, Spanish updated.
GPR_1.0.0.615.7.2023Italian, French added. Spanish updated. Main menu QUIT enabled for admin only.
GPR_1.0.0.1013.12.20231) Print; consistent Test time print (YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss), print time removed from Results print
2) Improved data record overwrite notification process when Timer used.
3) New BIOHIT logo in use.
4) Language fine tuning: minor changes to texts. One sentence updated on interpretation to display inflammation and PPI instead of PPI only.
5) Additional: Video support
GPR_1.0.0.1711.3.20241) Finnish and Romanian languages supported.
2) Some minor GUI text corrections.
3) HL7 messages updated.
4) HP measurement range updated to 10.9-242 EIU.

GP Reader NT – software versions; As it is highly recommended to use the latest version of the application software, please contact Biohit to access it and instructions on how to update.