Acetaldehyde binding products


Acetium® is a patented family of consumer products developed to eliminate acetaldehyde, a common, yet poorly known carcinogenic substance.

Acetaldehyde is manufactured for industry in a large scale. It is particularly abundant in foodstuffs produced by fermentation, e.g., alcoholic beverages, acetate, dairy products, home-made beer and –cider, soy-based sauces.  Another important source of acetaldehyde is tobacco smoke, although far too often neglected in this context.

Importantly, some species of the normal microbial flora (yeasts, bacteria) in the gastrointestinal tract comprise the most important source of acetaldehyde production in human body. With saliva, microbes of the normal oral flora are continuously transported into the stomach. In healthy stomach, however, hydrochloric acid is capable of destroying almost all of these microbes. In the subjects with mucosal atrophy (atrophic gastritis), these microbes are capable of multiplying in the stomach mucosa. The same happens among chronic users of acid suppressive medication, i.e., proton pump inhibitors (PPI), to treat dyspeptic symptoms. To eliminate acetaldehyde from acid-free stomach, Biohit has developed the patented Acetium® capsules (please see here for more information)

As mentioned earlier, tobacco smoke also contains copious amounts of acetaldehyde (its concentration exceeding e.g. that of formaldehyde by 15-fold). Because acetaldehyde is a highly water-soluble substance, its concentration in the saliva increases rapidly while smoking. Elimination of acetaldehyde during smoking has been also scientifically proven to assist in smoking cessation. The effectiveness of the patented Acetium lozenges in smoking intervention has been evaluated in two clinical trials. Regular use of the lozenge during smoking increases the likelihood of quitting by a factor of 1.5 compared to a placebo. (READ MORE)

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