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Biohit Oyj is a Finnish biotechnology company operating on global markets. Our mission, “Innovating for Health”, describes our innovative products and services, which aim to promote medical research and early diagnosis, and prevent serious illnesses.

Chronic diseases such as cancer are a huge burden for the healthcare sector globally. According to WHO data, cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for nearly 10 million deaths in 2020. Risk factors for cancer include tobacco use, alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet and genetical factors. Additionally, some chronic infections are risk factors for cancer; this is a particular issue in low- and middle-income countries. Approximately 13% of cancers diagnosed in 2018 globally were attributed to carcinogenic infections, including Helicobacter pylori.


To address the issue of H. pylori related cancer risk, Biohit Oyj has developed the GastroPanel®- arguably (READ MORE) the most comprehensive test for Helicobacter pylori and also for detecting the other key risk factor for cancer, atrophic gastritis (AG), caused by Helicobacter pylori infection or autoimmune disease. Screening with GastroPanel not only enhances early detection but also promises concrete cost savings for the healthcare sector and society at large. To assess the level of savings, Biohit has launched the GastroPanel screening model calculation tool which considers both the use of GastroPanel in the diagnosis of dyspeptic patients and in gastric cancer risk screening of asymptomatic people in a specified age group.

The model can be accessed through here:


Beyond early cancer risk detection, GastroPanel can optimize the allocation of scarce endoscopy resources through triage of patients.

The savings calculation tool for this model is available here:

To further complement the GastroPanel®, Biohit can offer another unique & patented innovation to benefit the gastrointestinal health: the Acetium capsules. This capsule, which is classified as a medical device, is designed for elimination of carcinogenic acetaldehyde in the stomach by slow-release L-cysteine. A regular use of this product is indicated for all those who have acid-free stomach, irrespective of its cause.

An increasing global healthcare issue is colorectal cancer. To promote the early diagnosis of this disease, Biohit offers the ColonView-FIT rapid test (READ MORE), which is based on highly sensitive immunochemical detection of hemoglobin and hemoglobin/haptoglobin complex. The principal use of the Biohit ColonView-FIT Hb and Hb/Hp test is to screen for lower gastrointestinal (GI) pathologies, such as colorectal cancers and large adenomas that bleed. With the combination of two biomarkers, the ColonView-FIT quick test detects bleeding derived from both lower and upper gastrointestinal tract.

Biohit´s portfolio also includes a range of other tests for early detection GI tract conditions. We offer for example rapid test kits for early detection of lactose intolerance (READ MORE) and celiac disease (READ MORE). Biohit Calprotectin ELISA (READ MORE) allows determination between inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to be made non-invasively and in-expensively from a stool sample.

Another unique innovation from Biohit is the Acetium lozenge (Quit Smoking – Nicotine Free), which has the potential to revolutionize the way smoking cessation has traditionally been perceived. This product has virtually no side effects; additionally, it does not contain any nicotine.

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