Microplate Readers and Washers | Quick Test Readers | ELISA Automates

As a system supplier Biohit provides Microplate Readers and Washers for diagnostics, research and clinical laboratory instrumentation. The basic instruments provides user interface, with integrated keypad and display, with extensive menu-driven software to enable stand-alone use. A serial interface enables these instruments to be used with a host device, such as a PC.

Fast Biohit readers and washers are universal microplate instruments for a wide range of assays, the products can be delivered with preprogrammed protocols for Biohit ELISA-assays e.g. Pepsinogens, Gastrin-17 and Helicobacter pylori. This ensures ease-of-use, optimal operation and verified test reporting and results.

Biohit software products are designed for the use with the Biohit instruments and diagnostics in mind to carry out needed tasks for easy and reliable data processing and result generation.