Biohit´s innovations prevent illnesses and improve quality of life

Innovating for health

Welcome to Biohit, a pioneering Finnish biotechnology company dedicated to advancing healthcare through advanced products and solutions. We specialize in the research, development, manufacturing, and promotion of innovative tools for the early diagnosis and prevention of gastrointestinal and chronic diseases.

Our Diagnostic Test Kits: Assisting Early Detection

Our range of diagnostic test kits plays a pivotal role in enabling early disease detection. One such breakthrough is our GastroPanel® test, designed to assess the condition of the stomach mucosa. What’s more, we’ve recently introduced a convenient quick test version of GastroPanel, requiring just a simple fingerprick blood sample. These tests are primarily utilized by healthcare professionals. (PRODUCTS)

Acetium®: Our unique solution for gastrointestinal health and smoking cessation

In addition to our diagnostic test kits, we proudly offer our proprietary, patented Acetium® products designed to promote gastrointestinal health and aid in smoking cessation. Acetium is classified as Medical Device in the EU and is available at selected pharmacies and supermarkets. (Read more)

Biohitshop: Your one-stop store for Acetium®

For your convenience, we’ve established Biohitshop, your dedicated online health store for Acetium® products (Shop here).

Acetium® lozenge – quit smoking

Quit smoking without nicotine

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Diagnostic tests

In the diagnostics business Biohit comprises products and analysis systems for the early detection of gastrointestinal diseases.

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Acetium® capsule

Protect your stomach

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News & Events


NCGP – Nordic Congress of General Practice 2024

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The Annual Meeting of the Association of Internists, 2. February 2024, Helsinki, Finland

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Finnish Medical Convention, 24.-26. January 2024 Helsinki, Finland

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