Acetium lozenge

Acetium® lozenge – quit smoking without nicotine

Acetium lozenge can help quit smoking and can be used to alleviate tobacco dependence.  It is easy to use: Take one lozenge every time you smoke a cigarette. Smoking cessation can be best achieved when you are motivated to quit, and it usually takes an average of 3-6 months of regular use. Acetium lozenge is devoid of the side effects of conventional smoking intervention methods (such as nicotine dependence and possible adverse side effects of medicines).

How does Acetium® work?

Acetium lozenge works by slowly releasing L-cysteine (a natural amino acid) into saliva. L-cysteine binds up to 90 % of cigarette smokederived acetaldehyde (1). Carcinogenic acetaldehyde is one of the harmful substances in cigarette smoke (2).  The efficacy of Acetium lozenge in smoking intervention has been evaluated in two clinical trials (3,4), with consistent results. Regular use of the lozenge during smoking increased the likelihood of smoking cessation 1.5-fold compared with placebo (4).  


Acetium lozenge only contains safe ingredients. The Acetaldehyde-binding lozenge also contains a small amount of xylitol, which reduces the acetaldehyde production by oral bacteria and promotes oral health.  

Using Acetium®

Put one Acetium lozenge in the mouth just before lighting a cigarette. Let the lozenge dissolve slowly in the mouth during smoking. Take another Acetium lozenge if you continue smoking.

The effect can only be achieved when Acetium lozenges are used every time you smoke and for the entire time you are exposed to tobacco smoke.

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Acetium lozenges and cigarette smoke acetaldehyde-related literature:  

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