Company background | Path to Success | Milestones in Biohit’s history

Pioneer in liquid handling and diagnostic tests

Biohit’s roots extend back to the 1970s, when Professor Osmo Suovaniemi established two companies, Labsystems and Eflab. They developed the first single and multichannel high-accuracy pipettes with adjustable volumes as well as instruments based on vertical photometry.

Development was driven by Suovaniemi’s strategy of aggressive innovation and patenting. In line with this strategy, the companies expanded their operations, developed new products and kicked off exports. The next steps included launching diagnostic products for the testing of cancers and HIV (www.google.com -> search: “Osmo Suovaniemi vertical measurement principle” and “Being an inventor in Finland”). From day one, the companies relied on high technology, the best expertise in the industry and an international approach.

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