GastroPanel ELISA

Test panel for stomach health check

GastroPanel® is a first line diagnostic test for dyspeptic patients. It is a non-invasive blood test, risk free and user friendly laboratory test.

GastroPanel gives information on the structure and function of the stomach mucosa, and of the risks caused by a possible abnormal mucosa. Based on the GastroPanel results, it is possible to get information to support the diagnosis of:

  • Healthy stomach mucosa
  • Functional and organic dyspepsia (when GastroPanel results indicate a healthy stomach mucosa, the cause of stomach problems is often functional dyspepsia or a disease outside the stomach).
  • Atrophic gastritis (damaged stomach mucosa that is severly dysfunctional) and likelihoods of the conditions specifically in the corpus and antrum areas of the stomach (normal, gastritis or atrophic gastritis).
  • Helicobacter pylori infection.
  • Achlorhydria of the stomach (anacidic stomach).

The test panel consists of four assays:

  • Pepsinogen I ELISA
  • Pepsinogen II ELISA
  • Gastrin-17 ELISA
  • Helicobacter pylori IgG ELISA

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Notice – In the USA and Japan, GastroPanel is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

GastroPanel® is a simple laboratory examination performed on a blood sample. It gives diagnosis, for example, of healthy stomach mucosa, Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) infection and atrophic gastritis. Based on the results, functional dyspepsia can be differentiated from organic dyspepsia. The results also give important information on possible risks related to H.pylori infection, atrophic gastritis and high acid production. GastroPanel examination promotes evidence-based medicine.

H.pylori infection is diagnosed by an antibody test. Pepsinogen I, pepsinogen II and gastrin-17 levels describe the structure and function of the whole gastric mucosa. The more severe is the atrophic gastritis in the corpus mucosa, the lower is the level of pepsinogen I, and the ratio of pepsinogenI/II in blood. The more severe is the atrophic gastritis of antrum mucosa, the lower is the the level of gastrin-17 in blood. For more information on interpretation of the GastroPanel® results, please visit the web site.

GastroPanel® gives a reliable diagnosis of:

Healthy stomach mucosa. When the stomach mucosa is healthy, the reason for stomach problems is most likely to be functional dyspepsia or disease outside the stomach.

  • H.pylori infection.
  • Atrophic gastritis (severely damaged and dysfunctional stomach mucosa) and the condition, specifically, of the corpus and antrum mucosa (normal, gastritis or atrophic gastritis)

GastroPanel® is well suited for follow-up of the success of treatment for H.pylori eradication treatment and atrophic gastritis, as well as for their diagnosis. Furthermore, Gastrin-17 level indicates whether the patient may have hyperacidic stomach, and a resulting risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) and its complications. GastroPanel can therefore be used to determine whether a patient really needs e.g. commonly described PPI (proton pump inhibitor) medication. If a patient has atrophic gastritis in the corpus, the stomach is hypoacidic, and there is no need for PPIs; if the stomach is hyperacidic, the situation is different.

Atrophic gastritis diagnosis vs. histology N=404GastroPanel
Positive Predictive Value75%
negative Predictive Value97%

Table 1. In a Finnish multicenter study with 404 dyspepsia patients as participants, the performance of GastroPanel was compared to histology. GastroPanel examination diagnosed healthy stomach mucosa nearly as reliably as gastroscopy and biopsy examination. For atrophic gastritis, the accuracy was excellent (81%) compared to histological study (Väänänen et al. Eur J Gastroenterol Hepatol 2003; 15:885-891).



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