Rationale in diagnosis and screening of atrophic gastritis with stomach-specific plasma biomarkers

Agréus L, Kuipers EJ, Kupcinskas L, Malfertheiner P, Di Mario F, Leja M, Mahachai V, Yaron N, van Oijen M, Perez Perez G, Rugge M, Ronkainen J, Salaspuro M, Sipponen P, Sugano K, Sung J. Rationale in diagnosis and screening of atrophic gastritis with stomach specific plasma biomarkers. Scand J Gastroenterol 2012; 47:136-147

International specialists recommend a blood sample biomarkers for screening and the diagnosis of stomach diseases

Article published in the authoritative Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology was written by 16 gastroenterology specialists from 12 countries. The aim of this group of specialists is to develop the safety and cost-efficiency of the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dyspepsia,  H. pylori infection and atrophic gastritis   through international co-operation (www.biohit.fi/ GastroPanel® biomarkers:Rationale in diagnosis and screening of atrophic gastritis with stomach-specific plasma biomarkers, Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology.2012; 47: 136–147). According to the article, the GastroPanel® biomarkers are a first-line examination to assess asymptomatic patients and patients with stomach discomfort (dyspepsia) and can be performed in a doctor’s office anywhere.The GasroPanel examination provides the doctor with information when planning and performing gastroscopy in patients with stomach discomfort.With the help of the examination, it is easy to diagnose and screen patients with atrophic gastritis before gastroscopy and to find those who have a H. pylori infection.Moreover, the test detects those patients  whose gastric mucosa is very likely to be healthy and who are at a very low risk of having gastric cancer or a gastric ulcer. In these patients, gastroscopy is not the first-line or most important further examination.Reducing the need for gastroscopy examinations leads to significant cost savings. In their publication, the authors provide practical guidelines for the interpretation of the results of the  GastroPanel® biomarkers. The GastroSoft software developed by Biohit Oyj is used in the interpretation of the results. GastroSoft is available to all doctors and laboratories that offer the GastroPanel® examination. The GastroPanel® innovation, based on pepsinogen I, pepsinogen II, gastrine 17 and H. pylori antibody biomarkers, along with the related software, has been developed and patented by Biohit Oyj. In addition, the authors state that acetaldehyde generated in an anchlorhydric stomach  (atrophic gastritis)  is a significant reason for gastric and oesophageal cancer risk associated with the condition.In the WHO classification issued in 2009, acetaldehyde is classified as a Group 1 carcinogen (cancer-causing agent) – a group which also includes substances such as asbestos, tobacco and benzene.Using the prophylactic Acetium capsules developed and patented by Biohit Oyj during  meals and alcohol consumption substantially reduces the amount of acetaldehyde generated in the stomach and is thus very likely to reduce the risk of stomach and oesophagus cancer, particularly in patients that have an ancholhydric stomach caused by atrophic gastritis or the long-term use of proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and  H2 antagonists.

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