Diagnostic tests

GastroPanel ELISA | Biohit Active B12 ELISA | Biohit Total 250HD ELISA | Biohit Calprotectin ELISA | Helicobacter Pylori Quick Test | Helicobacter Pylori UFT300 Quick Test | ColonView Quick Test | Lactose Intolerance Quick Test | Celiac Disease Quick Test

In the diagnostics business Biohit comprises products and analysis systems for the early detection of gastrointestinal diseases.

The diagnostic tests product range includes the blood-sample based GastroPanel test for diagnosing diseases of the stomach and associated risks, and quick tests for the diagnosis of lactose intolerance, Helicobacter pylori infection, Celiac disease and ColonView for the early detection of fecal occult blood.

ELISA tests:

GastroPanel® is a first line diagnostic test for dyspeptic patients. It is a non-invasive, risk free and user friendly laboratory test from blood sample.

BIOHIT Active B12 (holotranscoblamin) is an accurate test for measuring the levels of active vitamin B12 from blood sample.

BIOHIT Total 25OH Vitamin D test recognize vitamin D2 and D3 for correct vitamin D deficiency from blood sample.

BIOHIT Calprotectin enables determination between inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) non-invasively and in-expensively from a stool sample.

Quick tests:

Lactose Intolerance quick test for detecting lactose intolerance (hypolactasia of the small intestine) is based on the activity of the lactase enzyme in a biopsy specimen.

Helicobacter pylori quick test is a one-step test method to detect H. pylori infection from a biopsy specimen during gastroscopy.

BIOHIT Helicobacter pylori UFT300 is the ultra fast quick test for the detection of H. pylori from a biopsy specimen.

BIOHIT ColonView quick test is intended for simple detection of fecal occult blood (FOB) in stool samples.

BIOHIT celiac quick test allows the diagnosis of celiac disease from fingertip blood sample

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