Determination Of Acetaldehyde | How To Reduce Acetaldehyde Exposure

Quality Laboratory Analysis

Biohit Laboratory Services Oy promotes the evaluation and adoption of Biohit’s diagnostic tests and analysing systems. Biohit Laboratory Services engages in the research and development of diagnostic tests and the analysis of different types of patient data in cooperation with scientific communities in Finland and abroad.

The purpose of the Biohit Laboratory Services is to collect patient samples, e.g., from health care and occupational health service centers, other medical centers as well as regional and central hospitals.

Furthermore, the purpose is to encourage the users of the laboratory service to begin making the necessary analyses themselves with the help of the analysing systems purchased from Biohit. This enables the customer to receive the test results more easily, rapidly and at a lower cost.

The performance of the analyses as close as possible to the patient and doctor promotes decentralized laboratory diagnostics, which is usually the most optimal, and, thus, the most recommended way. Decentralized laboratory diagnostics which promotes evidence-based medicine should be striven for not only for the benefit of the patient and the doctor but also since it decreases the costs of health care. 

Determination of acetaldehyde concentration in foodstuff

Biohit Laboratory Services offers analyses of carcinogenic acetaldehyde in foodstuff and non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. For additional information, please contact Biohit.

Biohit’s laboratory do not analyze fecal samples during the COVID-19 pandemic