Operating Environment | Short term risks and uncertainty factors | Guidance for 2022

Biohit’s strategy 2017–2022

Our mission is “Innovating for Health“.

To be the world’s leading biotechnology company in our chosen markets of digestive tract. Our chosen synergistic markets for unmet need are:
a) advanced, innovative in vitro diagnostics related to digestive tract, and use of these tests in screening
b) products that bind acetaldehyde in the gastrointestinal tract

Regional priority of business development

  1. China
  2. EU, Russia, Middle East

Simplification & Operational Efficiency

Supply chain as a competitive advantage: responsive, agile and cost efficient. Create a highly efficient process, together with continuous improvement and digitalisation, with high level of automation of operations.

Quality first

Continuous improvement: More preventive actions rather than corrective actions.

Customer perspective

In every Biohit decision we have to consider this: “What’s in it for the customer? How does it enable innovation on behalf of the customer?”