ELISA Automates

Biohit Healthcare Automated Immunoassay Platform

Biohit Healthcare has recently started co-operation with Gold Standard Diagnostics Corporation. According to the agreement, Biohit Healthcare is able to provide the ThunderBolt® Automated Immunoassay Analyzer to our partners and customers. The instrument is full of unique features such as intelligent racks, high precision liquid handler, orbital MTP shaker, build-in barcode reader, convection incubator, on-board camera. The analyzer provides complete, walk-away automation of up to 192 patient samples. It has a smallest footprint on any comparable instrument and therefore can be placed on a standard 60 cm lab table. Completely open architecture allows any ELISA protocol to be programmed and run on up to eight different assays simultaneously. An optional CLIA add-on is available, enabling the platform to process chemiluminescence assays as well. Please contact us, should you need more information about this unique product.  Provides compact, cost-efficient and completely open system to automate Biohit HealthCare GastroPanel  or any other EIA assays.


  • Intelligent slide in racks – for easy sample loading
  • High accuracy dispensing – 1 ul with 3% CV
  • LED-fotometer
  • Convection Incubator
  • Integrated camera – to support service
  • Orbital shaker Smallest size automate – fits easily on to typical 60 cm lab table
  • Support standard commercial labware, no extra costs
  • LIMS-suported
  • CLIA-option

Biohit Unified GastroPanel® stomach health test have been validated for this automate.

Read more information from the product brochure.


The Dynex DS2 is 2-plate open ELISA-automate, that easily can be used to run practically any manual ELISA test.


  • User friendly graphical software
  • 2-position incubator
  • slide-in sample racks, max 100 samples per run
  • disposable tips (max. 216 + 20 pcs)
  • 12×8 DW predilution strips
  • Linear shaker 14-20 Hz
  • 12 test per run
  • 8-channel washer
  • predilution 1 – 5000
  • Option: integrated bar code reader, LIMS-interface software

Biohit Unified GastroPanel® stomach health test have been validated for this automate.

Read more information about the Dynex DS2 from Dynex technologies.

Also, please be aware that GastroPanel can be run with many common open ELISA automates, such as:

Notice ! Unified GastroPanel® have been validated for both of the ThunderBolt and the DS2 automates. Please contact Biohit to access our optimized GastroPanel testfiles/protocols for these instruments. Still, it is highly recommended that every laboratory will carry out their own validation applying their normal practice before running clinical samples by using supplied testfiles/protocol.

  • Dynex: DSX and DS2
  • Siemens: PEP3, PEP2000
  • Grifols: Triturus
  • Adaltis: PersonalLab
  • Diasorin: ETIMAX3000
  • Radim: Alisei
  • DAS: AP-series ELISA-automates
  • Stratec: Gemini
  • Tecan: EVOlyzer
  • Human: Elisys
  • Yantai Accare Bio-Tech: ADC ELISA – series analysers