Disclosure Policy

Biohit aims to proactively communicate about the company’s operations to all its stakeholders in a consistent and timely manner. The company seeks to take the special needs and interests of all its stakeholders into account in its communications in order to increase confidence in the company and thereby promote its business operations. Biohit’s Board of Directors has ratified the company’s disclosure policy with a view to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the information that is released. The policy also specifies who is responsible for communications in different situations.

Biohit’s major interest groups are its customers, shareholders and personnel. Other significant interest groups include analysts, authorities, mass media representatives, scientific communities, job seekers, and other partners in cooperation.

Biohit’s financial department regularly disseminates information on financial administration reporting-related processes in order to ensure the real-time availability of information as required for efficient internal control. Financial administration guidelines and the company’s information release policy aim to ensure the promptness and comprehensiveness of communications and the release of information required for internal control purposes. 

The President & CEO is responsible for ensuring that the company adheres to regulations on investor relations and communications and stock exchange releases as well as press releases and coordinating media relations.

All of Biohit’s investor communications are published in both Finnish and English on the company’s website and they are distributed to the stock exchange, the Central storage facility (www.oam.fi ) and the press.

Disclosure Policy