Board of Directors

Osmo Suovaniemi

Osmo Suovaniemi, born in 1943
MD, PhD, Professor  
Chairman of the Board of Biohit Oyj 
Dependent on company and major shareholder

Other relevant experience:
The founder and previous President & CEO of Biohit OyjThe founder, main shareholder, chairman, and CEO of Labsystems Oy and Eflab OyReceived an award in 1992 for having most patents in FinlandA board member, vice-chairman, and chairman of the General Industry Group in Finland in 1978-1986A board member of the Confederation of Finnish Industry in 1986A member of the Academy of Technical Sciences from 2003

Eero Lehti

Eero Lehti, born in 1944
Commercial Counsellor
Member of the Board of Biohit Oyj since 2009
Independent of both company and major shareholder

Other relevant experience:
Member of ParliamentFounder and Chairman of Taloustutkimus OyChairman and main owner of Suomen Lehtiyhtymä OyChairman of Fennia, Henki-Fennia, Eila Kaisla OyChairman of Kerava Municipal Board.

Franco Aiolfi

Franco Aiolfi, born in 1947
Degree in Pharmacy awarded by Urbino University
Member of the Board of Biohit Oyj since 2013
Dependent on company, but independent of a major shareholder

Other relevant experience:
President of Euroclone S.p.A. (formerly Polyfin S.p.A.) of which he is the majority shareholder. Euroclone SpA is a leading distributor in the Italian market of consumables and instruments for biotechnological applications.

Matti Härkönen

Matti Härkönen, born in 1933
Doctor of Medical Science (D.Med.Sc.)
Dependent on company and major shareholder

Other relevant experience:
Emeritus Professor of Clinical Chemistry at the University of HelsinkiMedical Officer at Yhtyneet Laboratoriot OyAbout 280 scientific publications Responsible for the clinical trials and related development work at Biohit Oyj and also acts as a scientific advisor to Biohit Oyj

Liu Feng

Liu Feng, born in 1972
General manager of Hefei Medicine Co., Ltd, Owner of Biohit Healthcare Hefei 
Dependent on company and major shareholder

Other relevant experience:
Special researcher at the Counselor’s Office of Anhui Provincial People’s GovernmentThe vice chairman of the Chinese National Early Gastrointestinal-Cancer Prevention & Treatment Center AllianceMember of the council of the China Health Promotion Foundation

Lea Paloheimo

Lea Paloheimo, born in 1951
PhD (clinical biochemistry), hospital chemist.

Other relevant experience: With Biohit Oyj during the years 2001-2019. Production and Product Development Director, Business Development Director.

Timo Joensuu

Timo Joensuu, born in 1959
Professor, Chief Physician, D.Med.Sc.Docent of Clinical Oncology, University of Helsinki, Specialist in Cancer and Radiation Therapy

Independent on company and major shareholder.

Other relevant Experience: Finnish Prostate Cancer Association PROPO Board Member 2001 – 2005, PROPO Magazine Editorial Board 2002 – 2005, European UOMO Scientific Committee Member, Medal of Cancer Associations 2006 – Docrates Cancer Hospital Founder 2006, Health Care Influencer 2010 – Docrates Oy Board Member 2006 – 2018, Relander Board of the Foundation 2016 –