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GA-Map Dysbiosis Test - Booking


Analyse your Patients' Microbiota

Clinicians and Practitioners can send patient samples to our laboratory for microbiota analysis using the GA-Map dysbiosis test in three simple steps. 

Before you send a sample to us, make sure you have a stock of Sample Collection Kits. You can order your sample collection kit by sending your purchase order to sales@biohithealthcare.co.uk or by fax to 0151 550 4 551. 

When you order your sample collection kits the cost of analysis and shipping of sample is included* and so there are no additional charges.


Fill in the Test Request Form
Your patients will need a completed Test Request Form before taking the GA-Map Dysbiosis Test. The form should be completed by the requesting physician and the patient.
Patient collects a Stool sample
Give the patient a Sample Collection Kit along with a copy of their completed Test Request Form and they can collect a stool sample in the comfort of their home. When the patient packages their sample for shipping they must include the Test Request Form.
Patient sends sample to our Lab
The patient can book our courier to pick up the sample from their nominated address at a time convenient to them. This is done by completing our easy to use web-form, or they may call our helpline on 0151 550 4 550 and a Service Agent will arrange it for them.


Laboratory analysis

Samples are analysed at Genetic Analysis' Service Laboratory in Oslo, Norway using state of the art technology. Results are available usually within 10 working days. Please be advised that results will be dispatched to the requesting physician only.

Genetic Analysis was established in 2008 and is based on research done by Professor Knut Rudi and Nofima Mat in Ås, Norway. In 2016 Biohit Oyj acquired 18% of all shares in Genetic Analysis AS.

Ordering Details:

Product Code: GA2704 | Description: GA-map™ Sample Collection Kit*

(Includes all necessary components for the collection, mailing, and laboratory analysis of a single stool sample for the GA-map™ Dysbiosis Test.)

*UK Mainland Only. Please call customer services for other territories on +44 151 550 4 550

Have a sample ready for our Courier to collect?

Click here to arrange your sample pick-up


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