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Feacal Calprotectin (Rapid Tests)


Faecal Calprotectin Rapid Tests

Calprotectin in faeces is an exceptionally sensitive marker for intestinal inflammation.  Rapid tests for the semi-quantitative determination of Faecal Calprotectin based on clearly defined and well-established cut-offs provide a very useful tool for managing patients with IBS-like symptoms at the Point-of-Care and in Primary Care Settings.

Biohit Healthcare Ltd supplies three highly effective and accurate tests for Primary and Secondary Care settings enabling Family Doctors, Specialist Nurses and Consultants to make quick decisions about how to direct the best care for their patients.

Preventis CalScreen

Simple screening test for Faecal Calprotectin in Primary Care

Differential diagnosis of IBS-like symptoms in Primary Care can be difficult in patients presenting with changes in bowel habit and knowing when to refer to a specialist Gastroenterologist is important for the follow-up and investigation of inflammatory diseases of the bowel.  The Preventis CalScreen rapid point of care test informs the physician whether calprotectin is raised in the intestinal tract indicating active inflammation.

CalScreen is a semi-quantitative immunologic rapid test for the determination of faecal calprotectin. The cut-off at 50 μg/g enables a reliable classification of patients with chronic diarrhoea in inflammatory (≥ 50 μg/g) and non-inflammatory (< 50 μg/g) diseases. This discrimination serves as a swift decision aid for further diagnostic procedures in first-line screening of diarrhoea patients.


  • Diagnosis/Screening:  Differentiate Inflammatory from non-Inflammatory diseases of the bowel

  • Reduce the number of unneccessary referrals.

Preventis CalDetect 50 / 200

Advanced test to differentiate, monitor and follow-up in Primary and Secondary Care

For those healthcare professionals who, in addition, need to make decisions about treatment and how to manage patients with established inflammatory bowel disease Caldetect 50 / 200 provides even more.

CalDetect 50/200 is a semi-quantitative immunological rapid test for the determination of faecal calprotectin. With two cut-offs set at 50 and 200 µg/g this test enables not only the differentiation of inflammatory (≥ 50 µg/g) and non-inflammatory (< 50 µg/g) diseases but also IBD therapy monitoring. A faecal calprotectin concentration above 200 μg/g in drug treated IBD patients indicates a relapse. A periodic assessment using the CalDetect 50/200 in IBD patients therefore provides an effective tool for individual therapy control.


  • Differentiate IBS from inflammatory diseases of the bowel 

  • Predict Relapse in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease:  Allows targeted treatment to avert clinical relapse in IBD 

  • Chronic Disease Management:  Monitor the progress of known IBD patients in order to predict and treat flare-ups, and assess recovery 

Preventis QuantOn Cal

Quantitative IBD-Clinic-led Home Test for self-monitoring of IBD

When patients are being managed in the community through Specialist IBD Clinics there is a need to closely monitor their disease without causing an unecessary burdon on clinic resources. Home monitoring of IBD can help reduce costs and improve productivity.

QuantOn Cal® is a novel faecal calprotectin rapid test that enables quantitative detection of calprotectin in a non-laboratory setting. It is designed specifically for patients who suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), enabling individuals to self-monitor their disease by testing their faecal calprotectin levels at home on a regular basis.

The rapid test is a patient friendly lateral flow device which is combined with a smartphone app that scans and accurately quantifies the result. Results are automatically sent to the physician who can monitor the disease progression remotely, enabling them to intervene with individualised therapy as needed, often before symptoms occur.

  • Accurate home test for faecal calprotectin

  • Patient friendly, convenient and simple

  • Results in 15 minutes, automatically sends results

  • Fully quantitative (measures up to 2000μg/g)

  • Calibrated against IDK ELISA method

  • Free smartphone App (iOS and Android)

  • Free to use Doctors' Portal


Monitor disease in patients with IBD as part of a virtual IBD clinic and provide continued support for specific patients groups:

  • Live in remote locations;

  • On biological therapies;

  • Unable to attend clinics.


Faecal Calprotectin Rapid Test - CalScreen Info Pack

Faecal Calprotectin Rapid Test - CalDetect 50/200 Info Pack


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Cat. No. KST11004

Preventis CalScreen Faecal Calprotectin rapid test.  (10 tests)

Price £120.00 ex VAT


Cat. No. KST11003

Preventis CalDetect 50/200 Faecal Calprotectin rapid test.  (10 tests)

Price £155.00 ex VAT


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