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Biohit's strategy 2016–2021

Our mission is "Innovating for Health".

We aim to become the world's leading biotechnology company in selected markets promoting gastrointestinal diagnostic and prevention:

a)  Advanced and innovative in vitro diagnostic tests of the gastrointestinal tract and use of tests for screening 

b) Products that bind acetaldehyde in the gastrointestinal tract

We aim to increase net sales primarily in the following areas:

1)      China

2)    The EU, Russia and Middle East

3)     The Americas

We will make our distribution chain and services simpler and more efficient

Our competitive advantage is a quick, flexible and cost-efficient distribution chain where customers play a key role. We are making our processes more efficient by continuously digitising and automating our operations and services.

We always take the customer into consideration in our decisions

Whenever we make a decision, we consider how the decision will benefit customers and how it will enable innovation for customers.

Quality is the most important thing 

Our target is to constantly improve quality. We monitor our operations and make all required improvements rapidly. We take more preventive measures than corrective actions.