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Other Management

Group Management Team

The duty of the Management Team is to assist the President and CEO in planning and controlling the Group’s business operations, in managing daily operations, and in preparing matters to be submitted for consideration by the parent company’s Board.

The Management Team comprise the President and CEO and the heads of the parent company’s functions. The following functions are represented: Sales and Marketing; R&D and Product Lifecycle Management; Operations; Finance, ICT & HR; Communications; and Quality & Risk Management. The President and CEO acts as Chairman of the Management Team.

The President and CEO appoints Management Team members and approves their employment contracts in accordance with the instructions given by the Board of Directors.

The  Management Team meets every other week as directed.

The Management Team members are presented in the section Group Management and their shareholdings are presented in the Insider Register section.

Management of subsidiary

The Managing Director of subsidiary and its Board of Directors – which report to the President and CEO of the parent company – are responsible for the management of subsidiary operations. The subsidiary is responsible for the sales and marketing of Biohit’s products in its market area. The management of the subsidiary operates under the management and supervision of the President and CEO. The Board of Directors of the subsidiary is composed of the Group President and CEO and the Managing Director of the subsidiary as well as the necessary number of members of the Management Team of Biohit Oyj.

Subsidiary’s Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that business operations are managed, planned, monitored, reported on and developed in accordance with the Group’s business plans.

The subsidiary management are presented in the section Group Management .