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News in 2007

30.12.2007 16:52

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  • New autoclavable mechanical pipettor range: Proline® Plus
  • Mechanical mLINE pipettor for large volumes
  • Biohit extends warranty time from one to two years
  • New Quality Tip brochure available
  • New Biohit Liquid Handling Products Catalogue


30 October 2007

Biohit launches a new autoclavable mechanical pipettor range: Proline® Plus

The Biohit Proline mechanical pipettor has taken a new shape. The new autoclavable mechanical pipettor range, the Proline Plus family is born.

In the new Proline Plus pipettor, Biohit has combined the basic functionalities of the traditional Proline with new, state-of-the-art pipettor design and technology. Particular emphasis has been put on safety, ergonomics, and efficiency in pipetting, as well as on the high quality of the device. Novelties - compared with the regular Biohit Proline - include a more ergonomic design, reduced pipetting force, autoclavability, and improved UV resistance, as well as easier and faster maintenance.

Proline Plus is a mechanical liquid handling device with a robust design suitable for all types of applications. The new pipettor allows for accurate and precise results with low pipetting force. The slim tip ejector collar fits also long and narrow tubes.

The new Proline Plus is fully autoclavable and resistant to UV light and a wide range of chemicals. It is also easy to maintain and calibrate, as no opening tools are needed and only 3-4 parts need to be cleaned. Additionally, the pipettors are equipped with replaceable tip cone filters that give additional protection against contamination thus improving the quality and safety of pipetting.

Proline Plus is available in both adjustable single and multichannel models and fixed volume single-channel models, in volume ranges from 0.1 µl to 10 ml. Like all other mechanical pipettors from Biohit, also Proline Plus is CE/IVD marked and comes with a 3-year warranty.


23 August 2007

Biohit launches a mechanical mLINE pipettor for large volumes  

The new mechanical mLINE 1–10 ml pipettor together with the new 10 ml tip offers the best way to handle large volumes of liquids accurately and safely. The new mLINE is an ideal working tool in water, food and environmental laboratories as well as in biotech and chemical industries. The pipettor features good chemical resistance and it can be used with liquids such as chloroform. The compatible 10 ml tip, made from pure polypropylene, has been designed to fit the most commonly used 10 ml and 15 ml laboratory tubes.

The patented spring mechanism of the mLINE pipettor makes pipetting very light and allows for consistent results even in long pipetting series. Hand temperature can also have an impact on the results, but mLINE features thermal insulation of the internal components, which helps improve accuracy.

The Biohit mechanical mLINE pipettor family now cover a volume range of 0.1 to 10,000 µl. The mLINE pipettor is available in eight single-channel and six multi-channel models. They are fully autoclavable and CE/IVD marked.


13 June 2007

Biohit extends warranty time from one to two years

Biohit is extending the warranty time on its Biohit-branded electronic pipettors and dispensers, as well as on other products and accessories. The new warranty time is two years. The warranty time of Biohit’s mechanical mLINE and Proline pipettors remain at three years.

Biohit wants to ensure the highest quality of its liquid handling products. The products are manufactured and tested according to the strictest quality standards (ISO 13485 for medical devices) and they are CE/IVD marked.


14 May 2007

New Quality Tip brochure available

Adopt a new angle to tip quality and always insist on the perfect match with the pipettor. The quality of tips does matter. And so does integration, too.

So why should you always use Biohit tips together with Biohit pipettors?

By doing that you will get:

  • The best possible compatibility and tip sealing
  • The best possible accuracy, without errors in pipetting volumes
  • An IVD compliant liquid handling system

The brochure gathers information about tip quality, integration with Biohit pipettors, tip types and packages, tip compatibility, and tip manufacture in a single package.


22 March 2007

The new Biohit Liquid Handling Products Catalogue is here

Biohit has come out with a new 2007 version of the Liquid Handling Products Catalogue. In addition to all familiar mechanical and electronic pipettors and tips, the catalogue includes some new products and amendments.